Multiple Display Monitors

Multiple Display Monitors
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The use of multiple-display monitors are greatly increasing productivity of people who work on computers.

• Almost everyone contacted agrees a multi-display system would realize increased productivity by having more screen space for their electronic desktop.

• Productivity estimations average to 42% improvement.

• Primary applications customers expect to benefit from multi-displays are content creation, general office use, gaming, and CAD.

• Fifty-four percent of the people surveyed who are not users of multiple display systems said they plan to obtain additional displays within a year or less.

• Thirty-two percent of the people surveyed said they were using multiple displays now, and 55% of the non-users said they want to or plan to use multiple displays in the very near future.

• Forty-two percent of the mobile computer users surveyed said they use a multiple display setup, and 71% of them said they use it in an extended desktop mode.

• The number of systems that are currently being equipped with multiple displays is growing exponentially.

Combined with a Dell Precision dual-display card delivers screaming fast productivity with whisper quiet operation.

Create Faster — When editing photos, working in office or creating marketing materials using Dual Monitors greatly Expand Your Workspace,

You can set up your first monitor as the workspace and use the second to display tool palettes and image thumbnails. You can even scale images across both monitors for a close-up view, or leave an original copy of an image or document open in one window while making changes to it in the other.

Multitask Better — Attend to email and keep your inbox open on one monitor while working in another application or browsing the Internet in a second monitor.

Browse Easier — If you’re making a purchase online, dual monitors can help you make product comparisons without having to shift back and forth between Web browsers.

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